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Week 1

1. 32 - Snarfblatt
The snarfblatt dates back to prehysterical times when humans used to sit around and stare at each other all day. Got very boring.

2. 88 - Soul Stone
One of the six Infinity Stones, this one is orange.

3. 107 - Baguette - Eaten

4. 2 - Ace of Spaces
It might look like an ordinary playing card, but in all actuality, this is a ticket to Pleasure Island!

5. 31 - Sausage String - Eaten
A string of sausages, probably stolen from a hot dog vendor.

6. 61 - Incriminating Photos
How lewd! This set of pictures reveals a beautiful cartoon woman playing pattycake with a suited gentleman.

Week 2

1. 8 - Glass Slipper
Wouldn't this be painful to walk in?

2. Heihei - Given to Wander
It's a chicken. A rather dumb chicken. Don't let it near rocks.

3. 24 - Pink Elephant Champagne
A bottle of champagne with a pink elephant on the you dare to drink it?

4. 78 - Royal Garments
This outfit consists of a red cape, a yellow helmet, and stick. Very regal.

5. Oar - Given to Maui
An oar with a heart and a hook etched into it. Early tweeting!

6. Gaston's Coat - Given to Lefou
No one wears coats like Gaston!

7. 81 - Tiny Wrench
A perfect wrench for any gadgeteer, too bad it's so small only a mouse could use it.

8. 60 - Incriminating Photos
How lewd! This set of pictures reveals a beautiful cartoon woman playing pattycake with a suited gentleman.

9. 113 - Apple Cinnamon Brew - Drunk
A frozen apple-cinnamon drink with marshmallow foam, served in a plastic stein with a cartoon muscleman on it.

Week 3

1. 97 - Pirate Rum - Drunk
Oh, so that's where its gone!

2. 68 - Business Shriek
This issue has a featurette on the rise of a company known as "Monsters Inc".

3. 96 - Frog Banjo
A tiny banjo made for amphibian hands. This one is the greatest of them all.

4. Goodbye Sweater
It was lovingly made by Mabel.

5. 99 - Santa Coat
If you put it on, you might have to become Santa.

6. 88 - Power Stone
One of the six Infinity Stones, this one is purple.

Week 4

1. Passion Fruit
Some delicious fruit that somehow reminds you of young love.

2. 85 - Mind Stone
One of the six Infinity Stones, this one is yellow.

3. Storybook
A large book labeled "Pinocchio". It's a story all about Jiminy's life got flipped and turned upside down.

4. Jellyfish Pie
A gift from Sylvia. Who would want to eat something as gross as this?

5. White Dress
It looks like it could fit a young teenager.

6. 94 - Country Bear Hall Model

7. Arendelle's Ice Harvester Badge
A gift from Princess Anna. Why would a kingdom need an official royal ice harvester...?

8. 77 - Phoenix Gate
An artifact that allows the user to travel through time and space, but here, it's just junk.

9. 69 - Mr. Incredible Mask
A domino mask for any upcoming superhero.

10. 23 - Pink Elephant Champagne
A bottle of champagne with a pink elephant on the you dare to drink it?

11. 13 - Muzzle
This muzzle looks like it could fit a smaller dog.

12. 92 - Meteorite Piece
A small shard of meteorite attached to a necklace, the key to merging our two dimensions!

13. 75 - Gummy Beary Juice
This will have you bouncing off the walls!

14. Spear
A gift from Tarzan - well used but still sharp. There is some leopard blood dried on it.

15. 114 - Churro
Fried dough, sugar, and cinammon. All in one beautiful combination.

16. ???
A gift from ???. It's a weathered old letter written on parchment paper.

17. 100 - Sleepy Apple
An apple that induces drowsiness if bitten into.
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Reaper tag 2 AP + 1 Hellbuck
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💀 Player Information
Name: Jo
Age: 24
Contact: [ profile] gothbless
Characters In-game: none!

💀 Character Information

Name: Stanford Filbrick Pines

Canon: Gravity Falls

Canon Point: Mid-finale, after Bill turns him to gold.

Age: Mid-60s

Description: Stanford is best described as a large rectangle. Broad shoulders and chest, a tall stature, and a burly physique are topped off with a jaw like a cinderblock and an impressive five-o-clock shadow that seems to be permanent. His hair is iron gray with a silver streak around his ears, with long sideburns and a fluffy texture. His eyebrows are silver, and he wears thick glasses atop an appropriately old man-sized nose. He dresses like an adventurer, in thick sweaters, a holster of some kind going across his shoulder, a tattered trench coat, sturdy pants and muddy boots. However, his most notable trait is an extra finger on each hand, for a total of twelve. This is a mutation that he has had since birth.

Physical changes: Just one, to start: tiny black horns which poke out of his hair just above his hairline.

Powers: None! Just a very, very smart human.

History: here!

Hell Status: Hell newbie

What Brings Them To Hell: He created a portal into the Weird Dimension, which (after many years) led to it spilling over into the town of Gravity Falls and causing misery and suffering for its inhabitants, most of whom were turned into stone and fashioned into a throne for a demon called Bill. Not strictly Ford’s fault, but he was definitely led astray and caused some shit to happen.

The Pitch:

- THIS GUY. This big six-fingered bara nerd. This right here is a 60-something year old man who literally spent half his life trapped in a portal world because of Science.
- Like, all his life he was the Smart Twin and people liked when he did science so after his brother was disowned he just sort of continued to do science because then people would like him? Yep that sounds like a good plan, pal. So basically science is his wife. He has 12 PhDs, for crying out loud. He spent years in Gravity Falls, studying the strange happenings, recording all its creatures and filling three full journals full of all the weird crap he's learned.
- He’s also not great at the human interaction. Or the modern technology. He literally thinks people still use floppy disks, and once fed a USB drive to a goat instead of just wiping its contents. He’s constantly second-guessing his usage of terminology (i.e. “Greetings! Do the kids still say ‘greetings’?”) He has a hard time with apologies and admitting wrongdoing, as well, especially where his twin brother Stan is concerned.
- His pastimes are mostly intellect-based. The dude loves him some Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons. His basement lab is messy and overflowing with papers and research, and he doesn’t seem to be too concerned about things he should be (like dangerous creatures getting loose, or giving weapons to children).
- The downside to the whole getting-tricked-by-a-demon thing is that now he has very overwhelming paranoid tendencies. So much so that he had an ACTUAL METAL PLATE installed in his head to keep his thoughts from being accessed ever again. So that’s cool. He’s a man who isn’t afraid to just go for it, clearly.
- However, he does have the whole crazy inter-dimensional adventurer thing going for him. You think anyone else could be that big of a nerd and still pull off the trench-coat and ray gun combo? No, honey. It’s all about the mystique.

Setting Fit: Ford spent thirty years in a portal world that was full of the weirdest stuff you can imagine; Hell, while the idea will probably be a bit disconcerting, won’t be much of a stretch for him. In fact, once he’s settled in, he’ll probably spend a lot of time avidly studying his new surroundings. It’s the ultimate anomaly!

Samples: a one and a two and a


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